College football will never be as predictable as the NBA.

The NBA tends to have predictable results because it is a high-scoring game with only five players on the court, limited substitutions for the best players, and seven-game series that reduce the possibility of upsets. Michael Mauboussin, take it away:

The regular season is short, and the playoff is small, so one bad game can be fatal.

Ohio State might have had the best team in 2015, but one instance of a poor game plan in bad weather conditions cost the Buckeyes even a shot at defending their title.

The Warriors could get away with a stinker in Game 4 against the Cavs this year,, because a seven-game series affords that luxury. Ditto for the Cavs’ casual approach to the regular season.

College football is more exciting in the sense that teams do not get the slack that pro teams have, but the flip side is that it is harder for teams to dominate.

That allowed him to justify giving this another shot. He’s never had back problems. He never was forced out of the game by father time dealing him a career-ending injury. He had just taken an 18-year break.

So Roberts began to train harder. He changed his work schedule at Sam’s Club to the night shift so he could use the gym more frequently during the day for wind sprints and weight training. He started by strengthening muscles he felt he’d use in games, and then augmented them by beefing up the muscles that supported them. Roberts said he never got “chubby” after he retired, but suddenly his skinny frame began to fill out with rippling muscle.

Today, Roberts hardly looks like an average 61-year-old. He Cheap Mitchell And Ness Jerseys has a torso like a tree trunk and the bulging biceps of a man 30 Cheap Lebron Jerseys years younger.

“I hadn’t seen him in about a year when he told me,” Natalia Roberts told SB Nation. “And then he came to visit me not long after and he was ripped.”