Ranking best NBA buyout players, signed and unsigned

With the additions of Joe Johnson and Brandan Wright, the Houston Rockets once again showed that the trade deadline isn’t the only time a team can improve its roster for the stretch run.

Limited in trade assets at the deadline, the Rockets signed two players who should bolster their depth, with the only cost being financial ($1 million total).

With March 1 being the last day for a player on an NBA roster to be waived and still be eligible for the playoffs, teams will have an eye on the waiver wire, relying on their personnel department when it comes to available free agents.

Sixers: Brown said reaction to Saric’s dunk in the closing seconds in the win over the Cavs was “overblown.” “It was not meant to be done disrespectfully,” Brown said. … Team owner Josh Harris was linked to the White House this week when it was reported he met multiple times with Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump. Of Harris’ connection to the White House, Brown said, “I haven’t given it one bit of thought.”

Clifford compared Simmons’ size and athleticism to a young LeBron James. Simmons and James are friends and the two embraced following Philadelphia’s win over the Cavs.

“His ability to get the ball going toward the basket into the paint, and then deliver really any pass, which was LeBron’s big strength also when he was younger,” Clifford said.

As of earlier this week, the Knicks had no plans to ask Noah to return to the team if both sides couldn’t agree to a buyout.

So unless the player and team change course and resolve their issues, New York’s next options are to try to trade Noah over the summer (unlikely), or use the stretch provision on his contract next season.

Knicks president Steve Mills and general manager Scott Perry would have to decide Cheap Kids NBA Jerseys if creating the cap space in 2019 would be worth the cap space sacrificed in the following two summers.

The other potential solution here? If the Knicks decided to let head coach Jeff Hornacek go after the season and hired a new coach, maybe Noah and the organization could Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Site reconcile. But that seems unlikely.

For the moment, Noah and the Knicks have mutually agreed that the veteran center should be away from the team indefinitely following a heated argument between Noah and Hornacek at practice in late January.

Dion Waiters has a team. We can all go home now

Once the Gordon Hayward domino fell, NBA free agent moves began clicking into place. On Wednesday one of the runner-up teams for Hayward — the Miami Heat — reacted by locking up The Dion Waiters to a 4-year, $52 million deal. Waiters bet on himself that summer by taking a short deal to prove his worth (despite the insane money being thrown around in 2016). It paid off big time. Miami is also reportedly close to a deal with James Johnson.

The busy Thunder finished their work by locking up Andre Roberson on a 3-year, $30 million deal, yet another bargain for an elite wing defender (albeit one who cannot shoot a lick). OKC’s shooting problems will be real, but this might be a top-5 defensive club this season. That plus Russell Westbrook is dangerous.

Now we’re cooking — this is some real high-octane action movie stuff. Just look how he zooms down the freeway (obeying speed limits) while doing whatever it takes to get to his destination (while following all traffic regulations). And you can’t hear it here, but the tasteful Leon Bridges soundtrack gives the scene an artful touch.

Now this is where Griffin’s directorial wizardry comes into play — just look at this gorgeous, film noir-style black-and-white shot of his vehicle of choice. Like his play style on the court, Griffin’s cinematography is both powerful and pristine.

“On the moon I milly rock,” Blake Griffin seems to be saying with this extremely strange scene, one that, while visually stimulating, creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and amazement. Where did he even get this astronaut Cheap Jerseys Zoom costume — or is he really in space?

What does it all mean? I don’t posture to know — but what Cheap Kids NBA Jerseys I do know is that after basketball, Blake Griffen has a promising career in film.

Cavaliers were close to landing Paul George but Pacers backed out of trade, report says

The Cavaliers have had a stagnant offseason but it apparently wasn’t for the lack of effort.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said on “The Jump” Tuesday the Cavs, under interim general manager Koby Altman, were actually very close to getting a trade done for former Pacers All-Star Paul George.

“Koby Altman was very close to a deal on June 30th for Paul George,” Wojnarowski reported. “It was so close, in fact, that Indiana was about to give permission to Paul George to get on the phone with Dan Gilbert. Indiana backed out of it and did the Oklahoma City deal.”

The Pacers accepted the best offer for George which was with the Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Even though that may not seem like a gigantic haul, it’s more than the Cavaliers wanted to give up as they have reportedly been unwilling to part ways with Kevin Love this offseason.

“Listen, [Gregg Popovich] been doing this for 10 years, 12 years, 15 years and everybody was like, ‘You know what? That’s the smartest thing Pop has ever done,” James said, via ESPN.com. “Give his guys a couple games off and here they go and win five championships. That’s the smartest thing.’ But some of our coaches in our league don’t have the stature that Pop has and our head coach doesn’t have it, so he gets killed for it.

“So, I got to keep winning to help my coach be able to have a reason why he can sit his players.”

A week before James was benched, Popovich rested his stars as New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys did Warriors coach Steve Kerr Cheap Kids NBA Jerseys in an anticipated Saturday night matchup between the two teams much to the chagrin of fans and ABC.