Chicago has the ball on the New York 49-yard line down by 6 points.

This time last year, the Bovada sportsbook listed the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets with identical odds of winning the Super Bowl. After removing the sportsbook’s vig, both the Falcons and Jets were given a 1.2 percent chance of winning Super Bowl LI. By the end of the year, the 5-11 Jets were in disarray and rebuilding, while the 11-5 Falcons came within a poorly timed holding penalty and a circus catch of winning their first Super Bowl.

The author and Collins also discussed specific plays from the safety’s breakout 2016 season. In an exclusive, here’s the discussion, along with video of each play.

The situation: Chicago has the ball on the New York 49-yard line down by 6 points. With the Giants protecting a fourth-quarter lead, the defense drops to a Cover 2 alignment. This allows Collins to gain depth, open his hips to the wide receiver and be in a position to play “top down” on the throw. Here, Collins can play the deep fade route, comeback or dig. And even though this is a poor throw from Jay Cutler, Collins plays the situation and leans on his technique and coaching to finish this play.

It’s definitely because of Alabama. We worked Cheap Heat Jerseys our technique all the time. We have Odell [Beckham Jr.], Sterling [Shepard], and Eli [Manning], he likes to throw deep. But this week with Cutler and where he likes to throw the ball, I just try to stay high. I always like to stay 4×4 just in case the Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys wide receiver makes that deep cut, inside dig or a 9, I can stay 4×4 and get into the wide receiver quickly as the ball travels towards us.