Marcus Johansson’s first season in New Jersey went far from planned.

Two concussions and a bruised ankle limited Johansson to 29 games after the Devils traded for the left winger on July 2, 2017, and his second concussion kept him out for nearly three months.

First thing we were looking for was culture fit, Beane said in a statement. I was in Carolina when we drafted Dan as a player and he would be a ‘ Bills blue’ as our kind of guy. As a player he was always prepared, worked hard, did everything. He worked his way up from the bottom [with the Seahawks]. He didn’t get placed into a seat because of his status as a former player. Sometimes that’s warranted, but Dan was a scouting intern with the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 and worked his way up to a director of pro scouting. That’s not an easy transition to go from the field to a grunt in our business. It’s humbling and he did it and he’s risen to director of pro [scouting].

The great thing about Seattle is they allowed him to get out on the road some. So even though he was doing pro, he was on the road doing college stuff. His main background is on the pro side, but he’s touched college as well and that makes him a good fit for the role.

The Lions, meanwhile, completely handcuffed their primary asset, Stafford, with the worst running game in football. It wasn’t just bad, it was awful when it was needed the most, near the goal-line and in short-yardage situations.

In our Vikings and Titans draft rooms, access was limited to our team president, general manager, head coach, college and pro personnel directors, area scouts, team trainer and lead doctor. Offensive and defensive coordinators would be allowed in the room occasionally, but the rest of the coaching staff was parked in their meeting rooms — they had given their input in pre-draft meetings. On rare occasions, the team owner would pop in, usually for just the first-round pick.

We organized our draft board by position, with a separate listing of top players regardless of position based on grades that had been finalized in the weeks leading up to the draft. The decision maker (usually the GM) would pull five player tabs over to a separate part of the draft board. That became our ready list through all seven rounds.

The order of the players on the ready list Cheap Indiana Pacers Jerseys was based on a combination of overall grade and team needs. For example, if we Cheap Ireland Soccer Jerseys already had a solid starting quarterback who was not near the end of his career, a QB would not appear on the ready list until the later rounds.

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