It sounds like this could be the beginning of a great relationship in Cleveland.

The euphoric belief that Aaron Rodgers would lead the Packers on a Super Bowl run upon his return evaporated in less than 48 hours with their loss and the Falcons’ Monday night win. Having him back wasn’t good enough against the Panthers, so how good will it be against a better Vikings team, bitter rivalry or not? Also, this is the team that broke his collarbone in the first place. There just are no good signs for the Packers in this one.

It’s their second meeting in three weeks; the Saints won in Atlanta last time, saved by the dramatic Deion Jones end-zone interception. The importance for both teams’ playoff chances can’t be overstated. The challenge for the Saints is stopping Julio Jones; for the Falcons, it’s slowing Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. Trust the Falcons’ defense more, and trust Jones just about as much.

The Panthers may have a lot of what they call “distractions” this week, but they won’t be distracted enough to let the bad-luck (and bad-playing) Bucs come into their building with this much at stake and let them take this game. The way Cam Newton is playing lately brings to mind how hurt he had to have been all of last season, from beginning to end, because it simply looks like an aberration in hindsight.

There’s no way we can talk about the Cavaliers and not talk about how incredible he is every night. He dropped 24 points, eight assists, six rebounds, and four steals in just 34 minutes tonight. Thomas made things a little bit easier on him, giving him a break to start Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping the fourth quarter and he was loving it.

“He’s very good. Very good. Very dynamic — can shoot the NFL Jerseys Outlet pill. Can get in the lane. He can pass the ball. He’s going to create so much for our team,” James said.

“I just told I.T. ‘Be you, man. Be you. You ain’t gotta try to fit in. Just be you. If you on the floor and you’ve got a look, we want you to take those looks. Two on the ball, you find somebody. Just be you and let the game speak for yourself.’ He did better than everybody expected.”

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