Perfect example of how Cowboys blew it on Lucky Whitehead comes days later

If you’ve spent the last few days clapping back at the Cowboys’ critics by telling them, “They were going to cut Lucky Whitehead eventually, so it’s no big deal that they did it then,” then you probably forgot about John Urschel.

Yes, a player at a different position on a different team who walked away from the NFL, at age 26, on the morning of the first day of training camp.

Weird for that to happen, isn’t it? Kind of like nothing is guaranteed, certain, assured or anything close to it. Like, say, “Ryan Switzer was drafted to take Lucky’s job, so what difference does some mistaken-identity arrest make?”

Grant, starting for Rondo, had five points and three assists in 19 minutes Wednesday.

The Chicago Tribune noted Mirotic and Zipser had big misses late in the game, something that appeared to rankle Wade and Butler.

“My thing is if you’re going to shoot those shots, you better have made that shot a lot of times and you better have put the work in,” Wade said. “And I don’t see that enough.”

“I understand that if you have an open shot, take it,” Butler said. “But at a point in the game like that … you have to get the ball to your best players.”

Given all this drama, which really has been going on for most of the season and also includes talk of Hoiberg’s job security, you’d think the Bulls were at the bottom of the East standings. In fact, they’re a game under .500 (23-24) and eighth in the conference. That’s not good enough for Wade Cheap Kids Baseball Jerseys or Butler, of course, but it’s not Nets/Heat/76ers territory.

Wednesday night, though, very much feels like a turning point, in Cheap Jerseys NY Giants either direction: ahead toward a playoff berth, or down the standings and toward an organizational teardown.

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