the Celtics have collected three lottery players

That’s all misplaced, though. There is a worst-case scenario that is unfolding with the Celtics that is not, really, bad at all. This is a team that has been to the playoffs three straight years, that won 53 games and reached the conference finals last year. They will be a solid playoff team again next year, no matter how their current pursuit of Utah free agent Gordon Hayward goes.

But the Celtics are also a “Process” team, to borrow the rallying cry of Sixers fans. By next summer, they will be every bit as neck-deep in top-of-the-draft players as Philadelphia. While many hail the way former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie collected draft picks over the years, the Celtics are held to a different standard, expected to toss around assets for veterans at every turn.

Since 2014, the Celtics have collected three lottery players, none picked lower than sixth (Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum). In that same span, the Sixers have amassed five lottery picks, the lowest being Dario Saric at No. 12 in Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys 2014. They have two No. 3 picks (Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor) and two No. 1s (Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz).

Earlier in the offseason, it was clear the Bengals Cheap MLB Authentic Jerseys planned to reinvest in skill players. The team released several veteran players, and let others walk. During free agency and the draft, they loaded up on younger guys with outstanding 40-yard dash times. Now, Marvin Lewis’ team will see if going all in on speed will help them rebound from their disappointing season a year ago.

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