Tearful Rams players took blame for Jeff Fisher’s firing

NFL coach firings, even when justified, create unfortunate ripple effects, as referenced here Thursday. On Friday, season two of “All or Nothing,” a documentary about the 2016 Youth NFL Cheap Jerseys Los Angeles Rams, became available for streaming and revealed more brutal realities of coach Jeff Fisher’s firing in December.

Hours after Fisher was fired, he informed his players in a team meeting. Heads bowed and tears flowing, the players were visibly shaken by the news despite its rumored inevitability in the media.

A mournful silence overtook the meeting room in the seconds after Fisher walked out following his final address to the team. That is, until one unnamed, off-camera player spoke up.

Few teams in the NBA need a small forward less than the Celtics. With Jae Crowder, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum already on the roster, Boston seemingly has the No. 3 position covered.

Yet the temptation to sign Hayward, who averaged 21.9 points last season, was too much to ignore for the Celtics, who badly need another star. Hayward and Stevens have already proven they can lead a team deep into the postseason (at Butler), so Danny Ainge can accept a little positional clutter to reunite player and coach.

Dr. Alec Kloman, a neurologist, characterized Bouton’s first stroke as “catastrophic,” as it had a massively adverse effect on his language skills. Bouton had to relearn how to read, write, speak and understand.

Bouton is suffering from more than just the aftermath of the strokes, however.

“The fear is that over time, 80 percent of patients progress into a demented stage in the next five years,” Bouton’s wife, Paula Kurman, said of his disease. “It’s a shot across the bow. You’re being warned that something is coming.”

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