The world would be grateful if he just disappeared into oblivion now.

More than 20 years after the murder trial, society’s attraction to celebrity hasn’t broken. The tragically-poor handling of violence against women has barely lessened. The racial atmosphere laid bare is just as toxic, if not more so over the past year. The fatal flaws of the criminal justice system are just as exposed.

But O.J. Simpson has lived and thrived in the midst of all that for half a century. There was not one sign whatsoever, on the day he got yet another reprieve, that he’s going to change now.

The world would be grateful if he just disappeared into oblivion now. Of course, he had that chance when he dodged the bullet back in 1995 — and there we all were in 2017, gripped by another performance, because he eventually went back to being O.J. And, of course, he hinted in a letter to a supporter that he might start blogging while he’s out.

Even if the spotlight finally decides to stop finding him, is there any reason to think he’ll stop trying to find it?

Who could be interested: Several teams would be in the hunt for deGrom if he was made available, including teams out of playoff contention. The Astros, after missing out on Jose Quintana, would surely be in the mix and could probably put together the best package for deGrom. But expect the Mets to hold onto their ace, especially with the fragility of their pitching staff.

Duda is having a typical Duda year, hitting for a low average with lots of power. The lefty-swinging first baseman has hit .249/.350/.543 with 17 dingers, 37 RBIs and a 130 OPS+.

But Duda has an extensive injury history and has missed 24 games this season for various reasons. As a pure rental in a limited hitter’s market that Toronto Maple Leafs Cheap Jerseys also includes Yonder Alonso, the Mets Youth Cheap Jerseys probably wouldn’t get much back in a potential deal.